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Volume 70, Number 1

2015/1 Vol. 70

Revue française de sociologie


2015/2 Vol. 56

Revue d’histoire des sciences


2015/1 Volume 68

Revue d’économie du développement


2015/1 Vol. 23
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Created in September 2005 by four Belgian and French publishers, today Cairn offers the most comprehensive collection of publications in the French language in the humanities and social sciences available online.

What is Cairn?

In 2014, we expect to place around four hundred journals and more than two thousand eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers on the same platform, Students, scholars and librarians all over the world will thus be able to access more than two hundred thousand full-text articles and book chapters online.

Why an international edition?

To make this content more visible and accessible to non-francophone scholars, with the support of the CNL has designed a special interface enabling internet users to browse and easily find content from French journals without speaking a word of French.

Get Full Access to Cairn.Info!

Different options can be chosen by institutions to provide access to their community (i.e. teachers, researchers, students or walk-in users) to the different "Bouquets" or packages of journals in humanities and social sciences set up by

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