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Le Divan familial

2005/1 (No 14)

  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN : 9782848350741
  • DOI : 10.3917/difa.014.0027
  • Publisher : In Press

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The recognition and respect of the individual psychic suffering and of the one produced in the couple by the collusion are delineated as first and relevant proceedings of our therapeutic practice. Through recognition, the therapist offers him/herself as a new psychic container to allow projective identifications to be progressively mobilized and reassigned, originating micro-transformations which, throughout the therapeutic process, will permit to open a new way for each partner. The most significant steps of the therapeutic process, aimed at re-establishing a containing function of suffering, either individually or in a couple, will be outlined by clinical vignettes.


  • aesthetic conflict
  • projective identification
  • collusion
  • negative faculty
  • de-collusion

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Barbara Bianchini, Marina Capello, Laura Dallanegra, Fabio Monguzzi, Lidia Vitalini, “ Moments de souffrance psychique chez le couple en thérapie ”, Le Divan familial 1/2005 (N° 14) , p. 27-38
URL : www.cairn.info/revue-le-divan-familial-2005-1-page-27.htm.
DOI : 10.3917/difa.014.0027.

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