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2014/2 (Vol. 35)

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This paper revisits the computation of Value-at-Risk and other risk indicators based on the use of Lévy processes. We first provide a new presentation of Variance Gamma Processes with Drift: we reconstruct them in an original way, starting from the exponential distribution. Then, we derive general Fourier formulas that allow us to compute VaR quickly and efficiently, but also other typical indicators like Tail Conditional Expectation (TCE). Based on such a formula, we conduct a study of the term structure of VaR, and provide a discussion of the Basle 2 and Solvency II agreements.


  1. Introduction
  2. A Lévy framework for asset returns
  3. Computing Risk Indicators
    1. Computing VaR
    2. Computing Other Risk Indicators
  4. Illustration
    1. Computing VaR with VGPD
    2. Implicit Distributions
  5. Conclusion

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Olivier Le Courtois, Christian Walter, “ The Computation of Risk Budgets under the Lévy Process Assumption ”, Finance 2/2014 (Vol. 35) , p. 87-108
URL : www.cairn.info/revue-finance-2014-2-page-87.htm.

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