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Revue d'économie industrielle

2016/3 (No 155)

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As in other professions, the organization of the activities of lawyers have undergone important transformations with the emergence of large law firms following a business logic oriented by profit, controlled by the market and led by managerial principles. These law firms that advise primarily large companies coexist with a multitude of solo practitioners who mainly defend individuals, leaving little room to the intermediate structures of professional activity. The purpose of this article is to account, in France, for this dualism which is becoming stronger. We also intend to show the diversity of the forms of organization of law firms in relation to their legal services market. To do this, we are relying on the results of a first statistical survey of a representative sample of more than 200 law firms.


  • Organization
  • Law Firm
  • Integration
  • Market Segmentation

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Christian Bessy, “ ‪Organisation des cabinets d’avocats et marchés des services juridiques‪ ”, Revue d'économie industrielle 3/2016 (n° 155) , p. 41-69
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