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Revue française de science politique

2006/3 (Vol. 56)

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Current transferred patterns of inter-governmental cooperation between various regions are marking out a standard in international public policies of migration. In order to clarify the process and ambition of such mutual borrowing, this article reappraises national public policy concepts as a support to understand international migration policies. These public policy investigation methods facilitate figuring out how such transfer paradigms function ; thus various ground rules can be identified : actors, the dissemination of ideas from one country or institution to another. It also positions such transfer as a transitional aim for policy convergence and towards a global governance for international migration.

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Frédérique Channac, “ Vers une politique publique internationale des migrations ? ”, Revue française de science politique 3/2006 (Vol. 56) , p. 393-408
URL : www.cairn.info/revue-francaise-de-science-politique-2006-3-page-393.htm.
DOI : 10.3917/rfsp.563.0393.

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