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Actuel Marx

This interdisciplinary journal examines various contemporary trends in Marxist research and encourages new approaches and applications of Marxist theory. It also provides an overview of current research on Marx and Marxism.

Cahiers d'économie Politique / Papers in Political Economy

This journal publishes papers on history of economic thought, economic philosophy, but also papers overlapping fields of history of economic thought and contemporary economic theory or economic history.

Comptabilité - Contrôle - Audit

In its thrice-yearly issues, the journal of the Francophone Accounting Association (AFC) offers fifteen to twenty academic articles covering the fields of accounting, management control, and auditing.

Culture chiffres

This journal presents quantitative benchmarks on cultural phenomena observed in the fields of study and research at the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture études

This journal presents a summary of the principal research results of the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture méthodes

This journal presents economic and sociologic approaches and methodologies for measuring cultural phenomena. It is published by the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture prospective

Dedicated to the investigation of hypotheses, original associations, and forward-looking research in established fields as well as more experimental areas, this journal is open to research developed by the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture, but also to outside works.

Economie & prévision

This scientific journal publishes studies in quantitative methods of applied economy. Its editorial scope covers a wide range of topics, including micro- and macro-economic analyses, international, sectoral, labor market, and environmental risks studies.

L'Économie politique

The primary goal of this journal is to foster public discussion on economic policies. It asks questions about the foundations of the economy as a social reality and as a discourse on society. It also publishes the work of specialists in other subjects insofar as they contribute to clarifying the workings of economics.

Économie rurale

This journal contributes to the scientific discussion of social, political, and economic evolutions of the agricultural and rural world. Under the direction of a pluridisciplinary editorial committee, the journal publishes original articles in economics, sociology, and geography on themes of agriculture, food production, the environment, and regional issues.

Entreprendre & Innover

The ambition of this journal is to broadly address the issues of creation, takeovers, transmission, organizational, institutional and social entrepreneurship, and business innovation and growth.


Finance is the academic journal of the French Finance Association. The scientific domain of the journal includes all aspects of finance: management as financial modeling or econometrics, finance in national and international markets, corporate finance, and financial institutions.

Formation emploi

This journal targets anyone interested in the relationship between training, work, and employment: researchers, decision makers, teachers, stakeholders. It is open to approaches from multiple disciplines: sociology, economics, management and psychology.

Géographie, économie, société

Conceived of as a means of understanding and analyzing the evolution of contemporary societies, this multidisciplinary journal provides an original contribution to the field of economic geography and land-use planning.


This journal is devoted to promoting a debate on innovation, both theoretical and empirical. It is keen to promote a multidisciplinary approach and methodology which illustrate firms' technological opportunities, organizational strategies and integrated management of research and development projects, marketing and finance.

Le journal de l'école de Paris du management

This journal publishes articles from discussions regarding management in all forms of organisations, organised by the École de Paris du management. A speaker, practitioner or researcher is invited to talk about his or her professional experience or work.


The goal of this journal is to represent the wealth and diversity of management research at the international level. Articles published may use quantitative or qualitative approaches and may tackle conceptual or methodological questions, but must provide a substantive contribution on the theoretical or empirical level.

Mondes en développement

A French-Belgian journal founded in 1973 by François Perroux (Collège de France), Mondes en développement publishes contributions in French and English for an international audience.


The aim of the journal Négociations is to examine negotiation in all its various aspects, by promoting disciplinary confrontation and by bringing together several traditions of research.

Notes du conseil d’analyse économique

The French Conseil d’analyse économique (Council of Economic Analysis) is an independent, non partisan advisory body reporting to the French Prime Minister. This Council is meant to shed light upon economic policy issues, especially at an early stage, before government policy is defined.

Recherches économiques de Louvain

This journal is edited by members of the Department of Economics of the Catholic University of Louvain. It publishes peer reviewed articles, theoretical and empirical, in the main fields of economics.

Reflets et perspectives de la vie économique

This journal is dedicated to political economy in the broadest sense. It focuses on Belgium while including European and international perspectives.

Regards croisés sur l'économie

This journal turns to the best experts on economic and social issues. It seeks different points of view, different methodological perspectives, and different disciplines in order to give its readers the keys to understand major contemporary issues and form an enlightened personal opinion about them.

Regards sur l’économie allemande

This journal provides an ongoing consideration of the structural changes that affect the German economy with respect to European integration and globalization.

Revue d’économie du développement

The Revue d’Économie du Développement presents economic analyses applied to international development and international relations, and is a venue for scientific exchange on essential economic issues in international economic development.

Revue d'économie industrielle

This journal presents the latest work by industrial economists, combining theoretical analysis with descriptions of various economic realities.

Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat

The purpose of this journal is to promote knowledge creation in the field of entrepreneurship and to foster the development of this phenomenon and the progress of entrepreneurial practices. The journal welcomes all disciplinary perspectives (management, economy, sociology, anthropology, geography, history, ethnography), multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary related to entrepreneurship.

Revue de philosophie économique

This journal intends to contribute to the structure of the field of economic philosophy by supporting the development and distribution of fundamental and applied research in the field and to consolidate its recognition within the scientific division of labor.

Revue économique

The Revue Économique aims to offer as much visibility as possible to all points of view in economic analysis.

Revue Française de Socio-Économie

La Revue française de socio-économie is a generalist academic journal. It focuses on economics and economic practices, which it examines through the various fields of social-science research: sociology, anthropology, history, management, and institutional economics.

Revue internationale d’intelligence économique

The goal of this journal is to assist organizations in better understanding global risk and to provide a lasting competitive advantage by participating in the dissemination of economic intelligence (business intelligence, communication, risk management and the economic security of companies and governments).

Revue internationale de droit économique

This interdisciplinary journal focuses on French and international economic law in all its specialties and as a whole. Thanks to the plurality of its theoretical and practical approaches, it is a forum for legal scholars, public and private law specialists, economists, researchers and practitioners.

Revue Tiers Monde

This journal publishes the results of research on development. Interdisciplinary and international, with articles on economics, sociology, and other social science disciplines, it constitutes an essential tool for reflection and for analysis in the increasingly crucial area of global change.

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