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Actuel Marx

This interdisciplinary journal examines various contemporary trends in Marxist research and encourages new approaches and applications of Marxist theory. It also provides an overview of current research on Marx and Marxism.

Archives de Philosophie

Recherches et documentation

This journal is not limited to a single subject, even if it favors certain domains: ancient philosophy, the Cartesian moment, German idealism, English philosophy. Current research, including these fields, is connected to other theoretical research on metaphysics, epistemology, “post-modern” perspectives, and the political and moral questions of our time.

Archives de sciences sociales des religions

The journal promotes a comparative perspective, open to all religions and cultural areas. It encourages cooperation among all of the social sciences to shed light on the multiple facets of religious phenomenon.


Philosophie, Politique, Histoire

This journal examines major changes in modern-day societies from a philosophical viewpoint. It is attentive to current intellectual debates, as well as cultural and editorial news.


Diogenes is a peer-reviewed, international and transdisciplinary journal in the humanities. It is published in English, French, Arabic, and Chinese.


Founded by Emmanuel Mounier in 1932, this journal orients its readers in contemporary debates and investigates our democratic form of life. A people’s university, it drives a collective of authors to make sense of our global modernity. The journal is independent, cosmopolitan and committed to justice.

Les Études philosophiques

This journal is dedicated to a dual vocation: a strong foundation in philosophical tradition and an open-mindedness to current developments of philosophy in the making. The principal field of publication is the history of philosophy, which it covers through studies on historic and contemporary authors, texts, questions and themes.


This transnational French journal relates to politics, art, and philosophy. At the intersect between social activism, policy, and theory, Multitudes analyses new forms of mobilization in the age of cognitive capitalism, focusing on digital cultures, intellectual property, guaranteed income, changes in working conditions, the ethics of care, political ecology, postcolonial theory, cities, and media activism. Artistic contributions round off the work by researchers.

Nouvelle revue d’esthétique

This journal is a forum for interdisciplinary debate on aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

Philosophia Scientiæ

This journal is dedicated to analytic philosophy, epistemology, and history and philosophy of science. It is particularly concerned with topics arising in mathematics, physics, and logic, but is open to contributions from all scientific fields.

Le philosophoire

Laboratoire de philosophie

Le Philosophoire is an independent and pluralist journal of general philosophy. It encourages philosophical problematization and gives priority to research in which the history of philosophy is a means and not an end.

Recherches de Science Religieuse

This is a scientific and academic quarterly for researchers in religion, history and philosophy of religions, and theology; and for all curious, inquiring minds who want more than superficial answers to their questions.

Revue d’éthique et de théologie morale

This journal proposes texts that consider ethical issues and give its readers a head start on contemporary questions and debates on ethics, bioethics, morality, theology, philosophy, and the humanities.

Revue de l’histoire des religions

This journal, whose editorial board is based at the Collège de France, is open to a breadth of contributions, be they French or foreign. Its field of study covers all forms of religious data, including both discourse and experience, from early to modern times, in all latitudes.

Revue de métaphysique et de morale

Generally considered to be a publication of reference, the journal has continually published articles at the cutting edge of philosophical research from the best national and international specialists. It deals with all topics with an overarching perspective without taking the side of any particular school of thought.

Revue de philosophie économique

This journal intends to contribute to the structure of the field of economic philosophy by supporting the development and distribution of fundamental and applied research in the field and to consolidate its recognition within the scientific division of labor.

Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques

Since its inception in 1907 by French Dominicans, this journal has been intended for university researchers and scholars in the disciplines of philosophy and theology.

Revue internationale de philosophie

This journal is dedicated to the great philosophers of the past. Yet it also deals with important contemporary issues and the essential questions that have served as a constant source of inspiration to the field of philosophy.

Revue philosophique de la France et de l’étranger

Created by Théodule Ribot in 1876 and published without interruption ever since, Revue philosophique is the oldest French academic journal in philosophy.

Le Télémaque

This journal aims to use philosophy as a point of departure, but in a multidisciplinary context involving all the other social sciences, in order to analyze and problematize the major questions—ethical, political, theoretical, and educational—that are being discussed in the fields of education and training.

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