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Revue interdisciplinaire de sciences sociales

The purpose of this journal is to support the different ways academic freedom is implemented in the social sciences today. It publishes contributions that create a dialog between different fields of study such as political sociology, economic policy, international relations, or even the sociology of literature and discourse analysis.

Actuel Marx

This interdisciplinary journal examines various contemporary trends in Marxist research and encourages new approaches and applications of Marxist theory. It also provides an overview of current research on Marx and Marxism.

Afrique contemporaine

La revue de l’Afrique et du développement

Edited by the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency), the quarterly journal Afrique Contemporaine makes available the analyses and opinions of researchers and specialists on the evolution of the African continent with a view towards sustainable development.

Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales

Founded in 1929 by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, the Annales has always sought to transcend its prestigious heritage by continually presenting the most innovative research in the field of history.

Bulletin de l'Institut Pierre Renouvin

This journal offers a forum for new research stemming from L’École française de l’histoire contemporaine des relations internationales et des mondes étrangers.

Cahiers du monde russe

Coverage in this journal includes the political, social, economic, and cultural (more particularly literary) history of the Russian Empire from its origins to 1917, the Soviet Union, and the latter’s successor states.

Cahiers Sens public

Since 2008, this journal has been actively involved in debates with the public as concerns the renewal of editorial models. It welcomes original texts and publishes thematic issues based on contemporary subjects.

Les Cahiers Sirice

Journal of contemporary European history, Les Cahiers IRICE presents studies drawn from research led by the working groups of the joint research center Identités, relations internationales et civilisations de l’Europe and by its young researchers.

Critique internationale

This quarterly is a comparative social sciences journal that aims to contribute to the political analysis of countries other than France through an interdisciplinary approach.

Cultures & Conflits

Cultures & Conflits analyses different expressions of conflictuality and the socio genesis of the practices of actors in their professional and cultural environments. C&C has developed a research agenda that considers the emergence and transformation of transnational elites, the various processes of securitization, as well as issues concerning war, conflict, migration, refugees and human rights.

Le Débat

Le Débat’s aim is to bring together, through discussion, the contributions of the humanities and social sciences with a thoroughgoing reflection on current affairs and cultural developments.

Droit et société

The goal of this journal is to report on research and analysis of law and justice from a perspective that is both multidisciplinary (legal theory and social science in general) and international (quality of its collaborations, treatment of issues).

Ecologie & politique

This journal aims to address major environmental challenges facing societies, while striving to renew social and political reflection brought about by an emergence of multifaceted environmental thought.

L'Économie politique

The primary goal of this journal is to foster public discussion on economic policies. It asks questions about the foundations of the economy as a social reality and as a discourse on society. It also publishes the work of specialists in other subjects insofar as they contribute to clarifying the workings of economics.


This journal aims to understand contemporary societies by shedding light on their historicity, describe the processes that shaped them, and contribute to the history of knowledge in the social sciences.

Gouvernement et action publique

This journal is defined by its subject – governmental activities taken in the broadest sense, the transformations of executive power and administrations, and the management of public action.


Revue de géographie et de géopolitique

A journal of geography and geopolitics that focuses on the analysis of power rivalries in specific territories (a country or regional geographical area) that give rise to conflict and contradictory representations of various protagonists.

Informations sociales

Created in 1946, this journal is published by the French National Family Allowance Fund (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales) as a tool for reflection for social workers and a place for synthesis and debate for researchers and decision makers.

Matériaux pour l’histoire de notre temps

Since 1985, this journal has published articles written by specialists dealing with the main areas covered by the Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine (BDIC) which specializes in 20th- to 21st-century contemporary history: world wars and conflicts, international relations, decolonization and migration, and social history.

Mondes en développement

A French-Belgian journal founded in 1973 by François Perroux (Collège de France), Mondes en développement publishes contributions in French and English for an international audience.

Mots. Les langages du politique

This journal falls within the scope of an interdisciplinary perspective between Language Sciences, Political Science, and Information and Communication Sciences.

Le Mouvement Social

This journal addresses recent developments in social history.


des idées et des luttes

The aim of Mouvements is to become a counter-hegemonic space for social, cultural, and political debate for a discerning and critical left.


This transnational French journal relates to politics, art, and philosophy. At the intersect between social activism, policy, and theory, Multitudes analyses new forms of mobilization in the age of cognitive capitalism, focusing on digital cultures, intellectual property, guaranteed income, changes in working conditions, the ethics of care, political ecology, postcolonial theory, cities, and media activism. Artistic contributions round off the work by researchers.


Revue de sciences sociales sur la démocratie et la citoyenneté

This interdisciplinary journal brings together perspectives and contributions on the common topic of public participation in collective decision-making within contemporary democracies, without restriction to any single theoretical or methodological approach.

Pôle Sud

This biannual political science journal publishes studies and research work on Southern Europe as a geographic region by scholars from multiple fields, following an exacting multidisciplinary approach.

Politique étrangère

Created in 1936, Politique étrangère is the oldest French journal of debate and analysis on major political, economic, and security issues affecting international relations. It is published by the Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI), France’s leading think tank.

Politique européenne

This peer-reviewed journal is devoted to European studies (public policies, international relations, political sociology, and political theory). It is the leading journal for political scientists in the francophone academic field and for actors of the European Union. It publishes thematic special issues or “Varia” in French or English.


Politix is a social sciences journal with a multidisciplinary approach to political phenomena. It is open to works in political science as well as in sociology, anthropology, and history.


Revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques

The wide variety of topics in this journal offers the most recent analyses of institutions and their domains from the point of view of political science or law in countries other than France. The journal seeks to expand and promulgate our knowledge of the centers of power.

Raisons politiques

This journal of political theory deals with analytical philosophy, normative theory, social theory, and the history of ideas.

Relations internationales

This journal dedicated to contemporary international history is published by the Institut d’Histoire des Relations Internationales Contemporaines, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and the Institut Pierre Renouvin (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Revue d’économie du développement

The Revue d’Économie du Développement presents economic analyses applied to international development and international relations, and is a venue for scientific exchange on essential economic issues in international economic development.

Revue française d’administration publique

The intention of this journal is to provide a discussion area for the field of public administration and public policies, in particular in their comparative and European dimensions.

Revue française de droit constitutionnel

Through studies and columns, the journal highlights the most dynamic aspects of constitutional law in France, Europe, and the world. It documents legal opinions, decisions of the courts, case law and institutions.

Revue française de science politique

This journal is a primary scholarly reference point in political science, both in France and across the world.

Revue Française de Socio-Économie

La Revue française de socio-économie is a generalist academic journal. It focuses on economics and economic practices, which it examines through the various fields of social-science research: sociology, anthropology, history, management, and institutional economics.

Revue française des affaires sociales

This thematic journal covering the fields of health and society is under the editorial responsibility of the Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation, et des statistiques or DREES (a directorate of the central administration of the health and social Ministries).

Revue internationale de droit pénal

The International Review of Penal Law covers general theory and criminal philosophy, general criminal law, and specific penal provisions, criminal procedure, and international criminal law from an international and comparative perspective.

Revue internationale de droit économique

This interdisciplinary journal focuses on French and international economic law in all its specialties and as a whole. Thanks to the plurality of its theoretical and practical approaches, it is a forum for legal scholars, public and private law specialists, economists, researchers and practitioners.

Revue internationale de politique comparée

Comparative politics helps distinguish what is attributable to general behavior, and what to unique national characteristics. In this way it offers decision-makers a stable foundation for developing policies.

Revue internationale et stratégique

This journal pursues the double objective of circulating knowledge within an educational forum and enriching the intellectual debate on international relations and strategic issues. Its goal is to give meaning to international events by comparing ideas and through contributions from researchers and policy-makers.

Revue Tiers Monde

This journal publishes the results of research on development. Interdisciplinary and international, with articles on economics, sociology, and other social science disciplines, it constitutes an essential tool for reflection and for analysis in the increasingly crucial area of global change.

Santé Publique

This journal aims to support research in public health, to assist in the sharing of knowledge between scholars and field workers, and to facilitate the practical exchanges between professionals.

Les Tribunes de la santé


An independent, multidisciplinary, and forward-looking journal of health and health insurance.

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