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This scientific journal of psychoanalysis, psychopathology, and anthropology focuses on adolescence. The very concept of adolescence is understood in close connection with society and how society goes about initiating, framing, and regulating the standards of individualization and the methods for subjectification.

Bulletin de psychologie

The editorial independence of this journal and its tenor of openness favor the publication of papers that address the newest research trends in psychology, are innovative, and are not affiliated with any movement.

Cahiers de Gestalt-thérapie

This journal is intended as a place for reflection, confrontation, elaboration, research, and distribution of theoretical, clinical, and practical knowledge of Gestalt therapy. Les Cahiers is the « showcase » of the Collège Européen de Gestalt-thérapie (CEGt)

Le Carnet PSY

This monthly journal examines current therapeutic issues for patients at all stages of life. It gets to the heart of the practical, didactic, and scientific concerns of health care professionals.


This journal, which focuses on a clinical theme chosen annually, offers reflections on care in mental health facilities and examines clinical practices and the institutional reality of multidisciplinary care.

Cliniques méditerranéennes

This journal publishes papers in the fields of clinical psychology, psychopathology, and psychoanalysis, which refer to the Freudian method. It is devoted to transmitting rigorously conceptualized innovative clinical experiences to the scientific community. The thematic structure of the issues opens the door to other fields: political science, social sciences, anthropology, medicine, and neuroscience.


This journal is at the forefront of the connection between psychoanalysis, group, and institution: a new analytical approach to psycho-social processes based on theoretical elaboration and practical implementation.

Corps & Psychisme

With a psychoanalytic orientation but also an interdisciplinary perspective, this journal publishes information, theoretical contributions and field research that have the capacity to provide an original perspective on issues and developments connected to the subjective relationship to the body.


Devenir is the only European journal dedicated to early childhood development (from 0 to 3 years). It is at the crossroads of many disciplines: obstetrics, perinatal studies, reproductive rights, pediatrics, pediatric psychiatry, psychoanalysis, sociology and ethnology.

Déviance et Société

This journal analyzes standards and deviancy using the most recent research trends with a particular focus on the penal system and criminal offences.


This journal for exchanges between clinical researchers, psychoanalysts, psychologists, and sociologists, focuses on the functioning and transformations of the couple and the family.

Le Divan familial

Faced with changes in the modern family and new types of mental illness encountered by individuals, this psychoanalytical family therapy journal is a place for reflecting on appropriate theoretical and therapeutic practices.


Prendre la mesure de l’humain

The journal Empan [Taking the Measure of Mankind] is a tool for social action, proposing political, philosophical, literary, and artistic approaches, current theoretical reflections of academicians, and the writings of education, social, and health practitioners.

Enfances & Psy

This journal informs all those working with children and adolescents of theoretical advances and questions in debate. It allows care professionals, teachers, and social workers an opportunity to exchange expertise and share practices.


This independent journal on psychoanalysis is not affiliated with any existing association or school of psychoanalysis.

Figures de la psychanalyse

This journal presents research informed by Freud and Lacan, with Anglo-Saxon clinical contributions. Influenced by the style of Maud Mannoni, it searches out the liveliest clinical issues to further our understanding of the lessons analysis teaches.


This journal contributes to the development of Gestalt therapy, its theory, and its applications.

Informations sociales

Created in 1946, this journal is published by the French National Family Allowance Fund (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales) as a tool for reflection for social workers and a place for synthesis and debate for researchers and decision makers.

Journal de la psychanalyse de l'enfant

The journal provides a forum for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists who strive to help suffering children, their parents, and the institutional teams responsible for them through careful exploration of the children’s inner world.

Nouvelle revue de psychosociologie

Created by the founders of psychosociology, this international journal examines the interplay between the social sphere, human behavior, and the psyche. It presents theoretical thought as well as actions carried out in institutions and in various social environments.

La psychiatrie de l’enfant

The oldest psychoanalytical journal dedicated to children and adolescents continues an exploration of the human psyche by appealing to authors from all countries and schools of thought.

Psychologie clinique et projective

The official journal of the Société du Rorschach et des Méthodes Projectives de Langue Française provides new clinical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives on normal and pathological psychic functioning to practitioners and doctoral students.


This journal provides access to the entire scope of psychotherapy. It publishes original theoretical papers, clinical and practical contributions, and debates on theories that underlie diverse approaches: psychoanalysis, communication, phenomenology, critiques and bibliographies.

Revue de psychothérapie psychanalytique de groupe

This journal of psychoanalysis focuses on the life and functioning of groups, the theoretical and clinical study of which is continuously evolving.

Revue française de psychanalyse

Founded under the patronage of Prof. Sigmund Freud, the leading international French journal of psychoanalysis has participated in all the great debates in the field of psychoanalysis and now offers a place for debates and reassessment of many clinical and metapsychological issues.

Revue française de psychosomatique

This journal provides a forum for research, reflection, and debate on the primary disciplines of psychosomatics.

Revue internationale de psychologie sociale

The International Review of Social Psychology (IRSP) publishes literature reviews, theoretical notes, and empirical research in all areas of social psychology. This journal was created to reflect research advances in a field where theoretical and fundamental questions inevitably convey social significance and implications.

Revue internationale de soins palliatifs

Independent, with no political or religious attachments and concerned with ethics and making the most of the time left to be lived, this journal is dedicated to palliative care. It treats all aspects of caring for patients with serious illnesses.

Savoirs et clinique

This psychoanalysis journal is guided by the teachings of Lacan and the study of Freud. The plural aspect of this journal lies in the various types of knowledge reviewed for didactic purposes and to fulfill a dual mission of transmitting and interpreting.

Thérapie Familiale

This journal provides a reference intended for professionals in the psycho-medico-social field and is based on systemic epistemology. The journal’s audience includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educators, and anyone whose professional practice, consideration, or research is confronted by the evolving complexity of human systems.

Le travail humain

This bilingual and multidisciplinary journal of human factors publishes original articles in French or English that are pertinent to the study of work, particularly in the following fields: ergonomics, ergonomic physiology and psychology, man-man cooperation and man-machine cooperation, work and organizational psychology, training, human reliability and safety, work psychology, and methodology.

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