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Revue interdisciplinaire de sciences sociales

The purpose of this journal is to support the different ways academic freedom is implemented in the social sciences today. It publishes contributions that create a dialog between different fields of study such as political sociology, economic policy, international relations, or even the sociology of literature and discourse analysis.

Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales

Created in 1975 by Pierre Bourdieu, this journal proved to be a landmark in French-language social science publications. It meets high scientific standards, yet aspires as ardently to confront problems related to current events. The articles published consist of research at various stages of progress.

Agora débats/jeunesses

Agora débats/jeunesses is a journal that was created in 1995 at the initiative of the French National Institute for Youth and Community Education (INJEP).

Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales

Founded in 1929 by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, the Annales has always sought to transcend its prestigious heritage by continually presenting the most innovative research in the field of history.

L’Année sociologique

Founded by Emile Durkheim, the journal is now inclusive: its sole principle remains the search for accuracy and scientific rigor in social science. It largely publishes contributions on empirical sociological knowledge, and research on social science history. It also includes research regarding the relationship between sociology and other social sciences (history, anthropology, economics, and psychology).

Archives de sciences sociales des religions

The journal promotes a comparative perspective, open to all religions and cultural areas. It encourages cooperation among all of the social sciences to shed light on the multiple facets of religious phenomenon.


This journal has the goal of promoting reflection on societies in the South to gain a better understanding of their contemporary dynamics and to demonstrate their diversity. The transversal nature of the topics examined encompasses texts from a variety of disciplines in the social sciences.

Cahiers d’études africaines

The journal deals with all subjects related to Africa, from the West Indies to the African populations of the Americas, and favors an anthropological and historical approach.

Cahiers du Genre

Examining issues as diverse as work and employment, family, cities, policy, and technology, this journal aims to understand the similarities and differences between the forms taken by gender relations, both between one society and another and between one period in history and another. It favors a multidisciplinary approach that includes international comparisons.


This journal features articles in French and English in the various fields of anthropology, without regional or time limitations.


Women, Gender, History

This French gender history journal is open to interdisciplinary approaches. It encourages submissions from scholars working on the history of women and gender in all parts of the world and in all periods.


A seminal publication for the study of mass communication and semiological analyses in France, the journal publishes original articles by renowned scientists as well as young researchers, with since the eighties a definite socio-anthropological focus, thus opening new paths for research and giving priority to demanding cross-disciplinarity.

Culture chiffres

This journal presents quantitative benchmarks on cultural phenomena observed in the fields of study and research at the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture études

This journal presents a summary of the principal research results of the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture méthodes

This journal presents economic and sociologic approaches and methodologies for measuring cultural phenomena. It is published by the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture.

Culture prospective

Dedicated to the investigation of hypotheses, original associations, and forward-looking research in established fields as well as more experimental areas, this journal is open to research developed by the Department of Surveys, Forecasts, and Statistics (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture, but also to outside works.

Cultures & Conflits

Cultures & Conflits analyses different expressions of conflictuality and the socio genesis of the practices of actors in their professional and cultural environments. C&C has developed a research agenda that considers the emergence and transformation of transnational elites, the various processes of securitization, as well as issues concerning war, conflict, migration, refugees and human rights.

Déviance et Société

This journal analyzes standards and deviancy using the most recent research trends with a particular focus on the penal system and criminal offences.


Diogenes is a peer-reviewed, international and transdisciplinary journal in the humanities. It is published in English, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

Droit et société

The goal of this journal is to report on research and analysis of law and justice from a perspective that is both multidisciplinary (legal theory and social science in general) and international (quality of its collaborations, treatment of issues).

Ecologie & politique

This journal aims to address major environmental challenges facing societies, while striving to renew social and political reflection brought about by an emergence of multifaceted environmental thought.

Education et sociétés

The purpose of this journal is to create a forum to express, examine, and collect research in the field of the sociology of education in France.

Espaces et sociétés

The aim of this international journal is to offer a synthesis arising from multiple disciplinary approaches on the relationship linking societies with their spaces and/or territories.

Ethnologie française

This publication is one of the leading journals of European anthropology. While continuing to engage with the classic, founding subjects of the discipline, the journal addresses questions of global current affairs: migration, tourism, sports, humanitarian aid, and sexuality. Its anthropology draws as much on French concepts as on Anglo-Saxon ones.

Etudes rurales

Founded in 1961 by Georges Duby, Daniel Faucher, and Isac Chiva, Études Rurales offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the agrarian societies of the world, along with their relations to the environment and to the land.


Cahiers scientifiques internationaux Réseaux et territoires

This international scientific quarterly on networks and territories provides original scientific contributions in the field of networks (public transportation, road networks, water supply and sanitation, energy, telecommunications) and focuses on the ways in which networks are designed, regulated, and operated, as well as their relationships with the areas they serve.

Formation emploi

This journal targets anyone interested in the relationship between training, work, and employment: researchers, decision makers, teachers, stakeholders. It is open to approaches from multiple disciplines: sociology, economics, management and psychology.


This journal aims to understand contemporary societies by shedding light on their historicity, describe the processes that shaped them, and contribute to the history of knowledge in the social sciences.


This anthropological journal combines theoretical texts, critical essays, and ethnographic studies in an effort to understand both what is near and far away, to report on new findings, to reevaluate the traditional domains of anthropology, and to present new methods of investigating social and cultural facts.

L'Homme et la société

This international journal covering social science research and synthesis has always asserted its very broad epistemological ambitions.

Informations sociales

Created in 1946, this journal is published by the French National Family Allowance Fund (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales) as a tool for reflection for social workers and a place for synthesis and debate for researchers and decision makers.

Journal de la Société des Océanistes

This multidisciplinary journal is the only European journal dealing with Oceania. It publishes any scientific paper on Oceania relating to the past and present situations of the populations of these islands.

Journal of International Mobility

This journal brings together scientific papers on all aspects of personal mobility in terms of education, higher education and vocational training, in Europe and worldwide. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of the conditions and the impact of mobility.

Langage et société

The publication contributes to the international development of the disciplines of sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. It has acquired international renown due both to its authors, more than half of whom are from countries other than France, and its readers who hail from all over the world.

Le Mouvement Social

This journal addresses recent developments in social history.


des idées et des luttes

The aim of Mouvements is to become a counter-hegemonic space for social, cultural, and political debate for a discerning and critical left.

Natures Sciences Sociétés

This journal publishes articles dealing with all aspects of the relationship between man and nature, including human nature. This may include representations of nature, its use, its transformation due to the biological, physical and chemical processes on which human life depends.


The aim of the journal Négociations is to examine negotiation in all its various aspects, by promoting disciplinary confrontation and by bringing together several traditions of research.


Politix is a social sciences journal with a multidisciplinary approach to political phenomena. It is open to works in political science as well as in sociology, anthropology, and history.


Population welcomes original contributions from researchers in demography and associated disciplines.

Population & Avenir

The purpose of this journal on populations and territories is to provide a greater understanding of the realities and changes taking place in France, Europe, and throughout the world seen in the revealing light of demography and population geography.

Recherches familiales

This multidisciplinary scientific journal publishes papers on family-related topics.


This journal is dedicated to theoretical and methodological questions, as well as empirical work on various topics related to the media or information and communication technologies.

Retraite et société

Retraite et Société is a multidisciplinary journal published three times a year. The journal accepts papers on subjects from a number of disciplines (sociology, economics, demography, law, anthropology, etc.) that relate to ageing workers, the transition to retirement and growing old.

Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances

This journal encourages studies on the conditions of production, use, transmission and mobilization of knowledge as discourses, practices and material infrastructures. It publishes articles that contribute to theoretical or empirical investigations about knowledge in society from various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Revue du MAUSS

Mouvement anti-utilitariste dans les sciences sociales

This journal is dedicated to MAUSS [Anti-Utilitarian Movement in the Social Sciences]. MAUSS wagers on the possibility of renewing and extending the main innovation of The Gift by Marcel Mauss in the context of “the gift-paradigm,” and using it as a basis for a general social theory.

Revue européenne des migrations internationales

REMI aims to publish both empirical and theoretical research work on different subjects which take into account international migration and inter-ethnic relationships. While it favors the geographical area of Europe, the journal is open to other areas and other migratory systems throughout the world.

Revue européenne des sciences sociales

This journal promotes interdisciplinary and pluralist research in the social sciences. It provides a privileged publication channel for the history of economic and sociological thought and theoretical reflection.

Revue Française de Socio-Économie

La Revue française de socio-économie is a generalist academic journal. It focuses on economics and economic practices, which it examines through the various fields of social-science research: sociology, anthropology, history, management, and institutional economics.

Revue française de sociologie

This journal aims to disseminate high-quality French sociological studies while at the same time welcoming diverse theoretical and methodological trends. It intends to show the importance of sociological studies to knowledge about the social world.

Revue française des affaires sociales

This thematic journal covering the fields of health and society is under the editorial responsibility of the Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation, et des statistiques or DREES (a directorate of the central administration of the health and social Ministries).

Santé Publique

This journal aims to support research in public health, to assist in the sharing of knowledge between scholars and field workers, and to facilitate the practical exchanges between professionals.


For more than 20 years, Sociétés has become an echo of discussions on the epistemology of the social sciences, and of the interrogation of emerging fields and related phenomena. The objective of this journal is to render themes related to the capturing of contemporary imaginations more visible and focus attention on the effects of everyday life.

Sociétés contemporaines

This multidisciplinary social sciences journal is an instrument for publishing the results of social science research. It addresses all those interested in thinking about today’s societies and how they change.


This general journal does not represent a specific school of thought or methodology. It favors a pluralistic approach to the discipline. It is open to other related disciplines interested in discussing sociological concepts and subjects.

Sociologies pratiques

This journal is dedicated to applied sociology. It seeks a balance between academic and professional worlds, between comprehension and action, while taking a clear sociological perspective to understand social change.


Revue internationale des sciences du sport et de l'éducation physique

STAPS, acronym for Sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives (Science and Techniques in Sports and Physical Activity), is published through an initiative of the Association francophone pour la recherche en activités physiques et sportives (AFRAPS – Francophone Association for Research on Sports and Physical Activity). International and multidisciplinary, STAPS is a major French-language scientific journal about sport and physical education in the field of human and social sciences.

Terrains & travaux

This journal means to promote the publication of original work based on a survey approach and to provide a publication space for studies undertaken by a new generation of academics, particularly in sociology, but also history, political science, ethnology, and economics.

Travail, genre et sociétés

This international and multidisciplinary journal studies the difference between men and women in the workplace and the role of women in society more broadly. Gender is not a specialized area of research but a frame through which to interpret the social world.

Le travail humain

This bilingual and multidisciplinary journal of human factors publishes original articles in French or English that are pertinent to the study of work, particularly in the following fields: ergonomics, ergonomic physiology and psychology, man-man cooperation and man-machine cooperation, work and organizational psychology, training, human reliability and safety, work psychology, and methodology.

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The French journal of popular music studies

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