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What is Available on Cairn International Edition?

For all journal issues available on Cairn International Edition, tables of contents can be browsed freely in English, as well as abstracts and general information on publications like author and publisher’s name, ISSN, DOI, etc.
In complement, thousands of articles published in francophone journals during the last ten years have been fully translated by professionals, and made available on Cairn International Edition.
Non-francophone scholars and other interested publics can buy these full-text articles “pay-per-view”, or access them through institutional licensing, thanks to subscription retained by more and more universities and other research institutions all over the world.
screenshot 1 When the English version of an article is available, simply click “English” to read it in HTML.
When it’s not, the French is generally available on Cairn’s regular edition. By clicking “?”, you also have the option to leave an email address so we can let you know when the English translation becomes available:
screenshot 15

How does one access publications on Cairn International Edition?

For subscribing institutions, all content proposed on Cairn international is automatically available within their wired and wireless network.
In that case, the name of the subscribing institution appears above the search box, at the top of the page:
screenshot 2 A personal account is not necessary to browse the platform but it also provides Cairn international users with some interesting features such as:

  • Search history,
  • Navigation history,
  • Saved lists of articles,
  • Email alerts

screenshot 4 Don’t hesitate to take a few minutes and sign up here.

How does one access English full-text articles?

To ease your browsing navigation, you will be able to get direct access to English Full-Text Articles with through 4 different options :

  1. Below the search field, a checkbox can be filled to limit a search within English full-text articles screenshot 5
  2. Once you have launched your search, you can refine your results with different options: See English full-text articles only, limit the results to one or several research fields, limit to one or several journals, etc. screenshot 7
  3. On the page dedicated to a specific publication, a direct link enables to visualize all full-text articles in English from the same journal: screenshot 6
  4. On the homepage, recently added English Full-Text articles are featured so that you can get a direct access to their HTML version: screenshot 8

How do I read publications on Cairn International Edition?

Each journal available on Cairn international can be browsed online in HTML format. This version enables you to read these contents on all reading devices, and to benefit from various features digital can bring: Active table of contents and footnotes, adjustable font sizes, shortcuts to the abstract, table of content and sources: screenshot 9 The HTML version of each article can be directly printed, downloaded in PDF format, cut and pasted. For each article, you can enter the “focus mode” for a more comfortable reading experience: screenshot 10 screenshot 11

How do I get information about journals or articles?

For each journal available on Cairn international, you can get a description of its history and objectives, as well as guidelines for submissions and contact. To access this information, please click on the “Journal information” on pages dedicated to each journal: screenshot 12 For each article available on Cairn international, general information (author, publisher, ISSN, DOI, etc.) as well as abstracts and sources are available on the left of the page: screenshot 13 If you need to cite this article, you can get direct access to citation information by clicking on “Cite this article” link on the right of the page: screenshot 14

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