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Le Débat

Le Débat’s aim is to bring together, through discussion, the contributions of the humanities and social sciences with a thoroughgoing reflection on current affairs and cultural developments.


Devenir is the only European journal dedicated to early childhood development (from 0 to 3 years). It is at the crossroads of many disciplines: obstetrics, perinatal studies, reproductive rights, pediatrics, pediatric psychiatry, psychoanalysis, sociology and ethnology.

Déviance et Société

This journal analyzes standards and deviancy using the most recent research trends with a particular focus on the penal system and criminal offences.


This journal for exchanges between clinical researchers, psychoanalysts, psychologists, and sociologists, focuses on the functioning and transformations of the couple and the family.

Dialogues d’histoire ancienne

The aim of this general journal of ancient history is to offer diverse methodological approaches, catalog new research domains, and welcome research from areas still considered as peripheral.


Diogenes is a peer-reviewed, international and transdisciplinary journal in the humanities. It is published in English, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

Le Divan familial

Faced with changes in the modern family and new types of mental illness encountered by individuals, this psychoanalytical family therapy journal is a place for reflecting on appropriate theoretical and therapeutic practices.

Dix-huitième siècle

This generalist journal is interested in the Enlightenment in all its facets (literature, philosophy, history of science, aesthetics, etc.). Although it mainly brings together research articles, the journal is also addressed to readers drawn to the values and culture of the eighteenth century.

Dix-septième siècle

An interdisciplinary journal published by the Société d’études du XVIIe siècle covering diverse disciplines in seventeenth-century studies: art, history, law, literature, philosophy, science, and religion.

Droit et société

The goal of this journal is to report on research and analysis of law and justice from a perspective that is both multidisciplinary (legal theory and social science in general) and international (quality of its collaborations, treatment of issues).

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