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Ecologie & politique

This journal aims to address major environmental challenges facing societies, while striving to renew social and political reflection brought about by an emergence of multifaceted environmental thought.

Economie & prévision

This scientific journal publishes studies in quantitative methods of applied economy. Its editorial scope covers a wide range of topics, including micro- and macro-economic analyses, international, sectoral, labor market, and environmental risks studies.

L'Économie politique

The primary goal of this journal is to foster public discussion on economic policies. It asks questions about the foundations of the economy as a social reality and as a discourse on society. It also publishes the work of specialists in other subjects insofar as they contribute to clarifying the workings of economics.

Économie rurale

This journal contributes to the scientific discussion of social, political, and economic evolutions of the agricultural and rural world. Under the direction of a pluridisciplinary editorial committee, the journal publishes original articles in economics, sociology, and geography on themes of agriculture, food production, the environment, and regional issues.

Education & didactique

This journal endeavors to publish the contributions of a variety of didactics, some of which are expressly dedicated to a comparative approach, and those that come from the education sciences, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and linguistics, among others, all focused on the realities of education and learning.

Education et sociétés

The purpose of this journal is to create a forum to express, examine, and collect research in the field of the sociology of education in France.

Ela. Études de linguistique appliquée.

This journal presents works relevant to linguistics and its applications. It publishes research, teaching, and informative papers. It promotes access to foreign and native language-cultures.


Prendre la mesure de l’humain

The journal Empan [Taking the Measure of Mankind] is a tool for social action, proposing political, philosophical, literary, and artistic approaches, current theoretical reflections of academicians, and the writings of education, social, and health practitioners.

Enfances & Psy

This journal informs all those working with children and adolescents of theoretical advances and questions in debate. It allows care professionals, teachers, and social workers an opportunity to exchange expertise and share practices.

Les Enjeux de l’information et de la communication

This journal studies the emergence of information and communication devices as they develop and become part of the social fabric.

Entreprendre & Innover

The ambition of this journal is to broadly address the issues of creation, takeovers, transmission, organizational, institutional and social entrepreneurship, and business innovation and growth.

L’Espace géographique

A peer-reviewed, generalist journal with pluralist perspectives, it encourages new developments in geographic research.

Espaces et sociétés

The aim of this international journal is to offer a synthesis arising from multiple disciplinary approaches on the relationship linking societies with their spaces and/or territories.


Founded by Emmanuel Mounier in 1932, this journal orients its readers in contemporary debates and investigates our democratic form of life. A people’s university, it drives a collective of authors to make sense of our global modernity. The journal is independent, cosmopolitan and committed to justice.


This independent journal on psychoanalysis is not affiliated with any existing association or school of psychoanalysis.

Ethnologie française

This publication is one of the leading journals of European anthropology. While continuing to engage with the classic, founding subjects of the discipline, the journal addresses questions of global current affairs: migration, tourism, sports, humanitarian aid, and sexuality. Its anthropology draws as much on French concepts as on Anglo-Saxon ones.


Revue de culture contemporaine

Based on traditional Jesuit thought, the journal promotes reflection on contemporary world issues from a humanist perspective. It features articles from the following fields: international issues, society (politics, ethics, ecology, science, and technology), philosophical essays, religion, art, and literature.

Études anglaises

This journal welcomes the work of French and foreign Anglicists and also publishes papers on linguistics and civilization. It contributes to a permanent rejuvenation of knowledge and constitutes a first-rate study and research tool for all Anglicists.

Études de communication

This journal welcomes original empirical, theoretical and epistemological contributions on all aspects of information and communication science: media and new media studies, analysis of different forms and types of communication and mediation, analysis of cultural industries, and research on knowledge organization, digital culture, and information practices.

Les Études philosophiques

This journal is dedicated to a dual vocation: a strong foundation in philosophical tradition and an open-mindedness to current developments of philosophy in the making. The principal field of publication is the history of philosophy, which it covers through studies on historic and contemporary authors, texts, questions and themes.

Etudes rurales

Founded in 1961 by Georges Duby, Daniel Faucher, and Isac Chiva, Études Rurales offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the agrarian societies of the world, along with their relations to the environment and to the land.

Extrême-Orient Extrême-Occident

This journal is devoted to a single theme or a central question dealing with Chinese civilization and its cultural sphere of influence (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam). It publishes journals in French and English.

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