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This journal aims to understand contemporary societies by shedding light on their historicity, describe the processes that shaped them, and contribute to the history of knowledge in the social sciences.

Géographie, économie, société

Conceived of as a means of understanding and analyzing the evolution of contemporary societies, this multidisciplinary journal provides an original contribution to the field of economic geography and land-use planning.


This journal contributes to the development of Gestalt therapy, its theory, and its applications.

Gouvernement et action publique

This journal is defined by its subject – governmental activities taken in the broadest sense, the transformations of executive power and administrations, and the management of public action.

Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains

This scientific journal began by publishing research work from many countries on the origins of Second World War, policies, strategies, and battles of the warring nations, then expanded its field of research to include the periods leading up to and following this conflict, thereby affirming its international scope. It covers all twentieth century conflicts.

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