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Revue de géographie et de géopolitique

A journal of geography and geopolitics that focuses on the analysis of power rivalries in specific territories (a country or regional geographical area) that give rise to conflict and contradictory representations of various protagonists.

Histoire & mesure

This journal publishes articles that go beyond divisions of discipline and chronology to focus on history and measurement. Through mutual consideration of sources and methods, contributions and limitations, and the history of our statistical tools, the journal actively contributes to the progress of historical research.

Histoire & Sociétés Rurales

Without geographic or chronological limitations, this journal seeks to expand the traditional horizons of historical research and to debate methods and assessments of rural society from the Neolithic Period to the beginning of the 21st century.

Histoire de l’éducation

This journal is dedicated to the history of teaching and education in France and elsewhere.

Histoire urbaine

This journal publishes research that assists in the understanding of urban history in France and the world. It welcomes the work of French and foreign academicians of any discipline, and chronologic or geographic focus that treats the historicity and other aspects of urban reality: economic, social, political, and cultural.


This anthropological journal combines theoretical texts, critical essays, and ethnographic studies in an effort to understand both what is near and far away, to report on new findings, to reevaluate the traditional domains of anthropology, and to present new methods of investigating social and cultural facts.

L'Homme et la société

This international journal covering social science research and synthesis has always asserted its very broad epistemological ambitions.


This journal publishes works produced as part of the Ph.D studies program in history at the University of Paris I.

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