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Napoleonica. La Revue

This international scholarly online history journal on First and Second Empire subjects is published by the Fondation Napoléon.

Natures Sciences Sociétés

This journal publishes articles dealing with all aspects of the relationship between man and nature, including human nature. This may include representations of nature, its use, its transformation due to the biological, physical and chemical processes on which human life depends.


The aim of the journal Négociations is to examine negotiation in all its various aspects, by promoting disciplinary confrontation and by bringing together several traditions of research.

Notes du conseil d’analyse économique

The French Conseil d’analyse économique (Council of Economic Analysis) is an independent, non partisan advisory body reporting to the French Prime Minister. This Council is meant to shed light upon economic policy issues, especially at an early stage, before government policy is defined.

Nouvelle revue de psychosociologie

Created by the founders of psychosociology, this international journal examines the interplay between the social sphere, human behavior, and the psyche. It presents theoretical thought as well as actions carried out in institutions and in various social environments.

Nouvelle revue d’esthétique

This journal is a forum for interdisciplinary debate on aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

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