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Revue de sciences sociales sur la démocratie et la citoyenneté

This interdisciplinary journal brings together perspectives and contributions on the common topic of public participation in collective decision-making within contemporary democracies, without restriction to any single theoretical or methodological approach.

Philosophia Scientiæ

This journal is dedicated to analytic philosophy, epistemology, and history and philosophy of science. It is particularly concerned with topics arising in mathematics, physics, and logic, but is open to contributions from all scientific fields.

Le philosophoire

Laboratoire de philosophie

Le Philosophoire is an independent and pluralist journal of general philosophy. It encourages philosophical problematization and gives priority to research in which the history of philosophy is a means and not an end.

Pôle Sud

This biannual political science journal publishes studies and research work on Southern Europe as a geographic region by scholars from multiple fields, following an exacting multidisciplinary approach.

Politique étrangère

Created in 1936, Politique étrangère is the oldest French journal of debate and analysis on major political, economic, and security issues affecting international relations. It is published by the Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI), France’s leading think tank.

Politique européenne

This peer-reviewed journal is devoted to European studies (public policies, international relations, political sociology, and political theory). It is the leading journal for political scientists in the francophone academic field and for actors of the European Union. It publishes thematic special issues or “Varia” in French or English.


Politix is a social sciences journal with a multidisciplinary approach to political phenomena. It is open to works in political science as well as in sociology, anthropology, and history.


Population welcomes original contributions from researchers in demography and associated disciplines.

Population & Avenir

The purpose of this journal on populations and territories is to provide a greater understanding of the realities and changes taking place in France, Europe, and throughout the world seen in the revealing light of demography and population geography.


Revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques

The wide variety of topics in this journal offers the most recent analyses of institutions and their domains from the point of view of political science or law in countries other than France. The journal seeks to expand and promulgate our knowledge of the centers of power.

La psychiatrie de l’enfant

The oldest psychoanalytical journal dedicated to children and adolescents continues an exploration of the human psyche by appealing to authors from all countries and schools of thought.

Psychologie clinique et projective

The official journal of the Société du Rorschach et des Méthodes Projectives de Langue Française provides new clinical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives on normal and pathological psychic functioning to practitioners and doctoral students.


This journal provides access to the entire scope of psychotherapy. It publishes original theoretical papers, clinical and practical contributions, and debates on theories that underlie diverse approaches: psychoanalysis, communication, phenomenology, critiques and bibliographies.

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