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Raisons politiques

This journal of political theory deals with analytical philosophy, normative theory, social theory, and the history of ideas.

Recherche & formation

This journal enables recent research, experiments, innovations, publications, and events in the field of education to be made known.

Recherches de Science Religieuse

This is a scientific and academic quarterly for researchers in religion, history and philosophy of religions, and theology; and for all curious, inquiring minds who want more than superficial answers to their questions.

Recherches économiques de Louvain

This journal is edited by members of the Department of Economics of the Catholic University of Louvain. It publishes peer reviewed articles, theoretical and empirical, in the main fields of economics.

Recherches familiales

This multidisciplinary scientific journal publishes papers on family-related topics.

Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes

This journal publishes works relating to the various subfields of theoretical and formal linguistics: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, typology, and poetics. As of issue No. 40, articles are by default published in English.

Recherches sur Diderot et sur l’Encyclopédie

This journal is dedicated exclusively to Diderot, one of the greatest writers and thinkers of the eighteenth century, and to the Encyclopédie, the intellectual monument of the Enlightenment, which he directed for almost 25 years.

Reflets et perspectives de la vie économique

This journal is dedicated to political economy in the broadest sense. It focuses on Belgium while including European and international perspectives.

Regards croisés sur l'économie

This journal turns to the best experts on economic and social issues. It seeks different points of view, different methodological perspectives, and different disciplines in order to give its readers the keys to understand major contemporary issues and form an enlightened personal opinion about them.

Regards sur l’économie allemande

This journal provides an ongoing consideration of the structural changes that affect the German economy with respect to European integration and globalization.

Relations internationales

This journal dedicated to contemporary international history is published by the Institut d’Histoire des Relations Internationales Contemporaines, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and the Institut Pierre Renouvin (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).


This journal is dedicated to theoretical and methodological questions, as well as empirical work on various topics related to the media or information and communication technologies.

Retraite et société

Retraite et Société is a multidisciplinary journal published three times a year. The journal accepts papers on subjects from a number of disciplines (sociology, economics, demography, law, anthropology, etc.) that relate to ageing workers, the transition to retirement and growing old.

Revue archéologique

Initially devoted primarily to archeology in France, including the medieval period, over time the journal came to focus on Classical antiquity: Greece and the Roman or Gallo-Roman world, but also the peripheral civilizations of Iberia, Etruscan Italy, Anatolia, and Central Asia.

Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances

This journal encourages studies on the conditions of production, use, transmission and mobilization of knowledge as discourses, practices and material infrastructures. It publishes articles that contribute to theoretical or empirical investigations about knowledge in society from various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Revue d’assyriologie et d’archéologie orientale

This is the oldest surviving journal in the field of Cuneiform epigraphy and, more broadly, of the history and archeology of the pre-classical Near East. A balance between periods and approaches is ensured so as to fulfill the discipline’s interest in the preservation of “generalist” journals.

Revue d’économie du développement

The Revue d’Économie du Développement presents economic analyses applied to international development and international relations, and is a venue for scientific exchange on essential economic issues in international economic development.

Revue d'économie industrielle

This journal presents the latest work by industrial economists, combining theoretical analysis with descriptions of various economic realities.

Revue d’éthique et de théologie morale

This journal proposes texts that consider ethical issues and give its readers a head start on contemporary questions and debates on ethics, bioethics, morality, theology, philosophy, and the humanities.

Revue d’histoire du XIXe siècle

This journal specializes in all aspects of nineteenth-century studies on a global scale. It encourages interdisciplinary exchanges, dialogue with foreign historiographies, and gives preference to emerging topics and approaches.

Revue d’histoire littéraire de la France

Unique among literary journals, most of which are highly specialized, it covers the entire field of French and Francophone literature (with the exception of the Middle Ages) providing an important resource for academics around the world.

Revue d’histoire moderne et contemporaine

A space for dialogue and debate, this leading historical international journal takes stock of current challenges and progress in historiography. It specializes in the on-going dialogue that it has established between early modern and modern periods (defined as the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries).

Revue d’histoire des sciences

Oriented toward a conceptual history of the sciences and the study of scientific content, this publication is the only French journal that covers all scientific periods and disciplines

Revue de l’histoire des religions

This journal, whose editorial board is based at the Collège de France, is open to a breadth of contributions, be they French or foreign. Its field of study covers all forms of religious data, including both discourse and experience, from early to modern times, in all latitudes.

Revue de la BNF

This journal showcases the encyclopedic collections of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) and the variety of approaches they elicit.

Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat

The purpose of this journal is to promote knowledge creation in the field of entrepreneurship and to foster the development of this phenomenon and the progress of entrepreneurial practices. The journal welcomes all disciplinary perspectives (management, economy, sociology, anthropology, geography, history, ethnography), multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary related to entrepreneurship.

Revue de littérature comparée

Founded in 1921, this journal is one of the first periodical publications devoted to Comparative Literature, a discipline that essentially studies the relationships between literature and culture, the relationships between literature and art, poetry, and literary theory.

Revue de métaphysique et de morale

Generally considered to be a publication of reference, the journal has continually published articles at the cutting edge of philosophical research from the best national and international specialists. It deals with all topics with an overarching perspective without taking the side of any particular school of thought.

Revue de philologie, de littérature et d'histoire anciennes

This journal explores Greek, Etruscan, Italian, and Latin philology (linguistics, lexicology, transmission and publication of texts, literary history, stylistics) and history of the Greco-Roman world.

Revue de philosophie économique

This journal intends to contribute to the structure of the field of economic philosophy by supporting the development and distribution of fundamental and applied research in the field and to consolidate its recognition within the scientific division of labor.

Revue de psychothérapie psychanalytique de groupe

This journal of psychoanalysis focuses on the life and functioning of groups, the theoretical and clinical study of which is continuously evolving.

Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques

Since its inception in 1907 by French Dominicans, this journal has been intended for university researchers and scholars in the disciplines of philosophy and theology.

Revue du MAUSS

Mouvement anti-utilitariste dans les sciences sociales

This journal is dedicated to MAUSS [Anti-Utilitarian Movement in the Social Sciences]. MAUSS wagers on the possibility of renewing and extending the main innovation of The Gift by Marcel Mauss in the context of “the gift-paradigm,” and using it as a basis for a general social theory.

Revue économique

The Revue Économique aims to offer as much visibility as possible to all points of view in economic analysis.

Revue européenne des migrations internationales

REMI aims to publish both empirical and theoretical research work on different subjects which take into account international migration and inter-ethnic relationships. While it favors the geographical area of Europe, the journal is open to other areas and other migratory systems throughout the world.

Revue européenne des sciences sociales

This journal promotes interdisciplinary and pluralist research in the social sciences. It provides a privileged publication channel for the history of economic and sociological thought and theoretical reflection.

Revue française d’administration publique

The intention of this journal is to provide a discussion area for the field of public administration and public policies, in particular in their comparative and European dimensions.

Revue française de droit constitutionnel

Through studies and columns, the journal highlights the most dynamic aspects of constitutional law in France, Europe, and the world. It documents legal opinions, decisions of the courts, case law and institutions.

Revue française de linguistique appliquée

RFLA is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal in the broad field of applied linguistics. The journal is open to all areas of research involving the application of linguistics and seeks to give an up-to-date and varied account of current issues in applied linguistics.

Revue française de pédagogie

This leading publication for education research in the French-speaking world addresses issues with a broad perspective that is open to diverse approaches and to contributions from multiple disciplines, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and education.

Revue française de psychanalyse

Founded under the patronage of Prof. Sigmund Freud, the leading international French journal of psychoanalysis has participated in all the great debates in the field of psychoanalysis and now offers a place for debates and reassessment of many clinical and metapsychological issues.

Revue française de psychosomatique

This journal provides a forum for research, reflection, and debate on the primary disciplines of psychosomatics.

Revue française de science politique

This journal is a primary scholarly reference point in political science, both in France and across the world.

Revue Française de Socio-Économie

La Revue française de socio-économie is a generalist academic journal. It focuses on economics and economic practices, which it examines through the various fields of social-science research: sociology, anthropology, history, management, and institutional economics.

Revue française de sociologie

This journal aims to disseminate high-quality French sociological studies while at the same time welcoming diverse theoretical and methodological trends. It intends to show the importance of sociological studies to knowledge about the social world.

Revue française des affaires sociales

This thematic journal covering the fields of health and society is under the editorial responsibility of the Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation, et des statistiques or DREES (a directorate of the central administration of the health and social Ministries).

Revue française d’études américaines

This quarterly journal founded in 1976 sets out to analyze a large spectrum of issues in the field of North American Studies (literature, arts, humanities, social sciences). Each issue is thematic, but it may also include non-thematic articles, bibliographic and review articles, or interviews.

Revue historique

The journal’s identity is based on a methodical treatment of sources and an appeal to the humanities and social sciences, bringing a renewal to historical approaches and passing on acquired knowledge and recent research in the field of history.

Revue internationale de droit pénal

The International Review of Penal Law covers general theory and criminal philosophy, general criminal law, and specific penal provisions, criminal procedure, and international criminal law from an international and comparative perspective.

Revue internationale d’intelligence économique

The goal of this journal is to assist organizations in better understanding global risk and to provide a lasting competitive advantage by participating in the dissemination of economic intelligence (business intelligence, communication, risk management and the economic security of companies and governments).

Revue internationale de droit économique

This interdisciplinary journal focuses on French and international economic law in all its specialties and as a whole. Thanks to the plurality of its theoretical and practical approaches, it is a forum for legal scholars, public and private law specialists, economists, researchers and practitioners.

La revue internationale de l’éducation familiale

RIEF is the only francophone scientific journal that exclusively publishes research in the field of education within the family and socio-educational interventions for families.

Revue internationale de philosophie

This journal is dedicated to the great philosophers of the past. Yet it also deals with important contemporary issues and the essential questions that have served as a constant source of inspiration to the field of philosophy.

Revue internationale de politique comparée

Comparative politics helps distinguish what is attributable to general behavior, and what to unique national characteristics. In this way it offers decision-makers a stable foundation for developing policies.

Revue internationale de psychologie sociale

The International Review of Social Psychology (IRSP) publishes literature reviews, theoretical notes, and empirical research in all areas of social psychology. This journal was created to reflect research advances in a field where theoretical and fundamental questions inevitably convey social significance and implications.

Revue internationale de soins palliatifs

Independent, with no political or religious attachments and concerned with ethics and making the most of the time left to be lived, this journal is dedicated to palliative care. It treats all aspects of caring for patients with serious illnesses.

Revue internationale et stratégique

This journal pursues the double objective of circulating knowledge within an educational forum and enriching the intellectual debate on international relations and strategic issues. Its goal is to give meaning to international events by comparing ideas and through contributions from researchers and policy-makers.

Revue philosophique de la France et de l’étranger

Created by Théodule Ribot in 1876 and published without interruption ever since, Revue philosophique is the oldest French academic journal in philosophy.

Revue Projet

Éclairer l’avenir

Created in 1907 by the Jesuits, Revue Projet is an accessible and rigorous forum for debate between scholars, community activists, and those seeking meaning in life. It addresses the concerns of the most vulnerable, the planet, the vitality of the democratic system, and economic and social stability.

Revue Tiers Monde

This journal publishes the results of research on development. Interdisciplinary and international, with articles on economics, sociology, and other social science disciplines, it constitutes an essential tool for reflection and for analysis in the increasingly crucial area of global change.

Rives méditerranéennes

This thematic journal focuses on the historical and geographic knowledge of the contemporary Mediterranean world. It aspires to reflect on the Mediterranean as a “workshop” of history and memory over long periods, as the process of emergence of a space and as a capital of experiences and individual strategies.

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