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Le Télémaque

This journal aims to use philosophy as a point of departure, but in a multidisciplinary context involving all the other social sciences, in order to analyze and problematize the major questions—ethical, political, theoretical, and educational—that are being discussed in the fields of education and training.

Terrains & travaux

This journal means to promote the publication of original work based on a survey approach and to provide a publication space for studies undertaken by a new generation of academics, particularly in sociology, but also history, political science, ethnology, and economics.

Thérapie Familiale

This journal provides a reference intended for professionals in the psycho-medico-social field and is based on systemic epistemology. The journal’s audience includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educators, and anyone whose professional practice, consideration, or research is confronted by the evolving complexity of human systems.

Travail, genre et sociétés

This international and multidisciplinary journal studies the difference between men and women in the workplace and the role of women in society more broadly. Gender is not a specialized area of research but a frame through which to interpret the social world.

Le travail humain

This bilingual and multidisciplinary journal of human factors publishes original articles in French or English that are pertinent to the study of work, particularly in the following fields: ergonomics, ergonomic physiology and psychology, man-man cooperation and man-machine cooperation, work and organizational psychology, training, human reliability and safety, work psychology, and methodology.

Les Tribunes de la santé


An independent, multidisciplinary, and forward-looking journal of health and health insurance.

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