Population  2009/3


2009/3 (Vol. 64)


doi 10.3917/popu.903.0445

publisher I.N.E.D

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Recent Demographic Developments in France: Tenth Anniversary of the PACS Civil Partnership, and Over a Million Contracting Parties

byFrance Prioux[*]By the same author
andMagali Mazuy[*]By the same author
Page 393-442



The population of metropolitan France (mainland and Corsica) on 1 January 2009 was estimated at 63.2 million. Natural growth was again strongly positive in 2008, and almost identical to that of 2007, with the increase in births partly offset by a rise in deaths. The number of foreigners admitted for residence fell slightly more sharply in 2007 than in the two previous years. The estimated total fertility rate was 2 children per woman in 2008, a level close to the completed fertility of the 1970 cohort. The number of abortions remained stable, but their frequency increased slightly among the youngest women. The number of PACS civil partnerships signed in 2008 increased yet again, both for same-sex couples and for heterosexual couples. Marriages fell slightly, and the probability of marrying for single people has never been lower. Most of the divorces pronounced in 2008 were by mutual consent. Male life expectancy at birth increased slightly (+0.14 years) and that of women remained stable (–0.06 years).


  1. Overall population trends and age structure
    1. The population of France at the 2006 census
    2. Stable growth in 2007 and 2008
    3. A progressively ageing population structure
  2. Foreign immigration7
    1. A sharp decrease in 2007
    2. Family immigration is declining but remains the largest category
  3. Fertility
    1. An increase in births and in fertility
    2. Children born outside and within marriage: equal in number and in status
    3. Women aged 25-35 account for two-thirds of births
    4. Persistent but evolving geographical disparities
    5. Fertility among the highest in the European Union
  4. Abortions
    1. A stable number of abortions
    2. A slight increase in abortions at young ages
  5. Marriage, PACS, and Divorce
    1. A further decline in marriage
    2. The PACS civil partnership: over a million contracting parties in ten years
    3. Just over one PACS for two marriages in 2008
    4. A majority of divorces by mutual consent
    5. Divorce is more frequent in Paris and along the Mediterranean coast
  6. Mortality
    1. No improvement in female life expectancy in 2008
    2. Different causes of death at each age
    3. Mortality in the European Union: the east-west divide
  7. Overview

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France Prioux and Magali Mazuy "L'évolution démographique récente en France : dix ans pour le pacs, plus d'un million de contractants", Population 3/2009 (Vol. 64).
URL  www.cairn.info/revue-population-2009-3-page-393.htm
DOI  10.3917/popu.903.0445.

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