Population  2009/3


2009/3 (Vol. 64)


doi 10.3917/popu.903.0495

publisher I.N.E.D

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Abortion Trends in France, 1990-2005

byClémentine Rossier[*][**]By the same author
andLaurent Toulemon[*]By the same author
andFrance Prioux[*]By the same author
Page 443-476



Abortion was legalized in France in 1975. Several amendments to the Abortion Act were passed in 2001 aimed at facilitating women’s access to pregnancy termination. In particular, the maximum gestational age at which elective termination may be performed (the legal limit) was extended by two weeks. Data from induced abortion notifications can be used to study the impact of these amendments, by using the gestational age at termination as an indicator of difficulty in accessing termination services. Following the legalization of medical methods of contraception in France in 1967, the decline in unplanned pregnancies and elective terminations up to the mid-1990s can be attributed to the effective diffusion of medical methods of contraception in the 1970s and 1980s. Abortion rates nevertheless remain high in France compared with other western European countries. This raises two issues that warrant investigation: the persistence or increase in unplanned pregnancies among the youngest women, and repeat abortions by some women in their lifetimes.


  1. Sources of information on abortion
    1. Abortion notifications
    2. Data from hospital statistics
  2. Has the 2001 amendment facilitated access to abortion?
  3. Why has the frequency of abortion increased among young women since the early 1990s?
  4. Abortion trends among foreign women
  5. Repeat abortions
    1. The share of repeat abortions has increased since 1990
    2. This increase concerns all categories of women
    3. Frequency of abortion, 1976-2002
    4. The probability of a second abortion has increased
    5. Probability of subsequent abortion by age
  6. Conclusion

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Laurent Toulemon and France Prioux "Évolution du recours à l'interruption volontaire de grossesse en France entre 1990 et 2005", Population 3/2009 (Vol. 64).
URL  www.cairn.info/revue-population-2009-3-page-443.htm
DOI  10.3917/popu.903.0495.

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